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We help clients commercialise new ideas and technology, enter new markets and overcome the challenges posed by globalisation and increased competition.

There are many challenges that businesses face. From opposition, changing customer and employee expectations, global competition, and evolving technologies. Businesses, whatever their sector, cannot afford to stand still.

By adapting changes and remaining flexible businesses can achieve competitive differentiation and transform barriers into opportunities to flourish and grow.

Our highly experienced team at RTC North can help your business thrive in an ever-evolving market place. We work with you to identify problems, improve processes, teach expertise, execute new methods and to oversee business development.

Business Strategy


Here at RTC we understand the importance of creating and defining a compelling business strategy, that is clearly communicated and embedded throughout the business.

  • Do you need to develop or refresh your company vision, mission and values?
  • Are your staff engaged in the business strategy?
  • Is your business model fit for purpose?
  • Do you encourage innovation and creative thinking?

Our team of coaches and consultants will employ a series of proven techniques to challenge or reaffirm your vision and drive your short and longer-term planning.

Creating a universal language around your business model and strategy which will improve collaboration within your organisation.

Regardless of your business size, sector or geographical reach our team will work with you to help implement a tailored business strategy that meets your needs.


We have a team of innovation specialists, who work with your organisation to understand the barriers to process, product and service innovation.

  • Does your business encourage innovation?
  • Do you have an innovation strategy?
  • Does your business know how to exploit and protect ideas?
  • Are you looking to develop new products and services?
  • Do you empower your workforce to contribute ideas and improvements?

The team will analyse management and market information to help you better understand customer needs and respond to the changing marketplace.

Collectively we will develop a bespoke action plan designed to help you retain a competitive advantage and future proof your business.


Operational Improvement


RTC delivers a range of tried and tested lean techniques designed to improve your operational performance, drive up quality, drive down costs and increase profitability.

  • Do you need to improve efficiency?
  • Do you have the right measures for your organisation to improve productivity?
  • Do you need to maintain competitive advantage?
  • Do you understand how to manage and measure supply chains effectively?
  • Do your processes need an overhaul?

The team’s expertise also extends to the ability to manage and measure supply chain relationships more effectively.

Our team has been integral to the delivery of hundreds of consulting projects across a range of industry sectors leasing to significant cost savings for our clients.


Increasing competition demands a faster response to changing market conditions and customer expectations on the ground.

  • What percentage of your business is with customers in overseas markets?
  • Do you know where you would like to grow your international sales?
  • Would you like to explore in-country partnership opportunities?

Our services are designed to help businesses find partners in new markets and where appropriate make the step change from exporter to a multinational organisation with a presence in international markets.

From lower risks options to the complexities surrounding joint ventures, subsidiaries and mergers and acquisitions, we will work with you to internationalise your business.

RTC North is a lead UK partner in the worlds largest business support network Enterprise Europe Network and has established relationships with partners in Asia as well as North and South America.


People Development

People Development

We have designed and developed a range of accredited and non-accredited programmes to help businesses thrive through their people.

  • Do you want to improve and grow your business through your workforce?
  • Do you want to retain high performers and attract talent?
  • Are your employees motivated?
  • Do you know what your immediate and future skills gaps are?

Our approach to training is interactive and we believe learning through experience will allow employees to transfer their learning back into the workplace and make a major impact to the overall objectives of the business.

Our team has a vast amount of experienced in delivering training. Using a wide range of proven techniques our trainers are used to facilitating workshops for groups of individuals with a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience.

This enables them to successfully deliver training to delegates with differing abilities and requirements, by tailoring workshops to meet the needs of both the individuals and the group.


RTC North understands the challenges faced by new and innovative companies trying to get a foothold in the marketplace.

  • Do you want to understand your customers?
  • Does your company make time for market research?
  • Do you know how to create and implement market strategies?

Our team will help you understand customer needs, create the right value proposition for your product and services, and develop a winning marketing strategy with will help your business with its competitive edge.


IP Services

IP Services

We can advise on the best route forward with your new ideas, and whether to apply for patents or other forms of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Do you want clarity and advice on copyright, trademarks and design registrations?
  • Understand licensing and what it means for your business?

A strategic approach to IP management will span conception to product market release. We work closely with you to obtain IP protection, including patent, trade mark and registered design protection.

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