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Design Network North members Cottam Brush design new Rapid Lock system

Design Network North members, Cottam Brush are at the forefront of brush design and manufacture. With extensive knowledge, innovative design capability and modern manufacturing facilities, Cottam has become a trusted partner in specialist industries across the world.

After undergoing market research, it was clearly apparent to Cottam that when it comes to brooms, customers have very little loyalty to suppliers with there being no particular differences between what is being offered in the market.

To give them a point of difference, the Rapid Lock System was developed. The concept is an “end user assembly” solution which means that their distributors no longer have to store or transport assembled product, providing a direct cost saving.

The connection really couldn’t be simpler, at trade shows back in April they challenged visitors to connect the handle and heads and found that it could be done successfully in under 10 seconds.

This also addressed a number of other issues in the supply of assembled brooms, not least of which was damaged goods at various points in the supply chain and the difficulties associated with storing and transporting fitted brooms.

Available since June, the initial feedback from a wide variety of customers has been excellent.  In fairness there had been some initial hesitation about such a dramatic change, but once the end users have seen the benefits of them putting the brooms together quickly and easily then the change has been readily accepted.

Cottam Brush is one of Design Network North's valued network members, with years of experience in design and innovation.

Sep 07, 2016

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