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Ambition North is Coming

Ambition North is coming to Leeds for the first time to celebrate a world of business innovation in the North of England.

This one-day event will unite globally renowned speakers and businesses alike from across the world to inspire innovation, diversification and growth in a changing world. World class international speakers have been attracted to the event that will be held at The Armouries Museum, Leeds on 1st November.

BBC technology Report LJ Rich will host the event and present keynote speakers, Marty Wilson from Sydney, Gea Sipjkes, Netherlands, Gihan Perea, Australia, Geoff Ramm, Sunderland and Fraser Doherty from Scotland. Each speaker will be delivering expert talks to spark innovative ideas, creative competitive edge and fuel growth opportunities through sharing insight and experience of those who have lived the entrepreneurial journey. Renowned for their content they are also known for their entertainment so promise to deliver a day to remember.

Adding to the day will be a series of success stories from local and national Businesses that through the process of innovation, the right mindset and the ability to market ‘out of the box’, have grown exponentially to achieve results they only dreamed of.

There will also be opportunities to access the regions leading business innovation support organisations and a special opportunity to speak one to one with the event speakers in the VIP area.

Sarah Pavlou, RTC North, commented:

“We talked to you - more than 500 businesses across the North of England over the last three years through the Innovate 2 Succeed programme to understand what your most pressing issues are and as a result we have brought together a room of inspirational Speakers who are truly passionate about driving the world of Entrepreneurship.

“Harnessing the incredible talent of the North of England and driving this talent through innovation to shape the future of the North and in turn drive more and more profitable businesses, inspiring generations to come. With world class speakers and support from Innovate UK and the European Development Fund we made Ambition North possible – Live in Leeds, November 1st! Don’t miss your chance to attend – it is guaranteed to leave delegates talking for weeks!”

Supported by Innovate UK and the European Regional Development Fund,  hosted by RTC North this prestigious event is one not to miss so if you are an ambitious small or medium business secure your seats here: www.innovatecompetegrow.com

Sep 27, 2018
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Innovate2Succeed helps growing companies with plenty of ambition to manage the development of products and services, helping to get them to the right market in a timely fashion.

It's a fully funded programme providing up to seven days of bespoke coaching support to meet the specific problems and barriers that YOUR business is facing.

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