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The 2018 ScaleUp Business Survey now available to fill in

Scaling businesses make your views and needs known in ScaleUp Institute’s 2018 Scaleup Survey - the UK’s largest survey of its fast-growing companies. With March 2019 around the corner, this is a crucial moment in which Britain’s scaling companies must make their voice heard.

It's vital that the Scaleup Institute know from their fastest growing businesses what the main barriers holding back growth are and what is further needed from the UK private and public sectors to help businesses to continue to scale. 

So if you are a scaleup, OR know businesses that are scaling, please take time to either complete or pass on this short online survey which should take only 15 minutes to fill in. All answers are treated in the strictest confidence. It’s even easy to do on a phone!


Aug 28, 2018
Project Information

Scaleup North East works with businesses that can demonstrate both the hunger and potential to achieve high levels of growth. Whilst we can’t achieve growth for you, we will do everything in our power to help.

The support we give is led by the needs of your business, it’s not a blanket approach where one size fits all. Our commitment to you is to get behind your business, investing time, energy and resources to help you become the best that you can be.


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