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RTC client Saturn Eazyfile featured on Channel 4 Buy It Now

A North East innovator presented his product to a live studio audience yesterday on Channel 4’s Buy It Now.

Entrepreneur inventor, Gavin Hodgson demonstrated his battery-operated Eazyfile following an exciting development journey working with RTC North along the way. After having to put his idea to bed for over 12 years due to financial constraints, Gavin turned back to it more determined than ever to bring it to life and make it a successful invention.

Eazyfile allows users from all ages and genders, as well as physically constraint users due to illness to be able to take care of their nails with ease. Gavin’s Eazyfile also allows users to be able to feed in a new replacement file belt without the need to take apart the unit.

After getting the patent rights granted and trade mark secured ensuring his idea is protected, Gavin worked with his team of technical experts to make the Eazyfile work as he imagined it would.

 “The project progressed until I could get the unit working to absolute perfection and efficiently as I had designed it in my head all them years earlier,” said Gavin.

En route to success, he benefited from a Grant from our Business Support Programme – Designing Better Business which assisted in the design of his product and received an assist through our Pathways to Innovation programme which guided him to potential routes market.

Gavin said: “RTC provided invaluable advice and guidance and supported me financially when I needed resources the most to be able to bring my product to market. The advisors I worked with where not only extremely helpful and understanding during the whole process but genuinely enthusiastic when it was all coming together.”

Upon receiving full patent for his product, Gavin employed the services of Global Precision Manufacturing Ltd. - a manufacturing company based in Yorkshire - to manage the manufacturing and quality, to bring to the market, the highest quality Saturn Eazyfile to you.




May 11, 2018
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