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Innovation - perspective from a graduate

My name is Rachel, mid 20’s, recent graduate, inability to draw (apart from a top notch stickman) and currently in my first job at RTC North. A place where I can continue my journey of learning all things related to internationalisation and innovation. A recent discovery for myself…

Rewind back six years ago I had only just recently completed my UCAS application and received offers to study International Business Management. A choice made from my enjoyment in learning business and a passion for travelling. One thing I continued to realise was that I still had no career plan, I still did not know what I wanted to do.

As graduation day crept closer to me the fear of not knowing my next steps grew. So I did what any sensible person would do, I avoided and applied for a masters.

I applied for a masters in Multidisciplinary Innovation – as difficult to say as it is to spell.

The word innovation can at times be daunting and other times can be exciting, a lot of us tend to imagine innovation to be this huge technological breakthrough and whilst correct we tend to forget that small things are also innovation. One way to describe innovation is – a product or service that is new, useful and adds value to the consumer. Which means a service can be innovative - like Uber and Airbnb.

The whole idea of blue sky thinking is a debate in whether this is a useful strategy or not for innovation– the role I play in innovation is not this. My imagination skills aren’t as outside the box as others. I like to think of myself as the person who hears an idea, no matter big or small, and then apply it in a more realistic viewpoint. I am always willing to give any idea a try and to see what can happen from it.

Which is the biggest lesson I learnt – no one person has a great idea, it takes a team. Throughout my studies I learnt a range of tools and techniques to harness innovation and develop unique strategies for all sorts of problems companies face. With all this knowledge I have gained I am looking forward to finding opportunities to continue developing my knowledge and applying it to my career.


May 09, 2018

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