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Ambition North - Celebrating a World of Innovation in the North of England
Ambition North - Celebrating a World of Innovation in the North of England
Date - Nov 01, 2018
Time - 8.30 -18.30
Venue - Royal Armouries Museum Armouries Drive Leeds LS10 1LT
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Brought to you by Innovate UK, ERDF and Leeds LEP - Delivered by RTC North


Ambition North - Innovate - Compete - Grow

On stage for the first time in Leeds, we bring you World leading Speakers and Business Success stories from the UK and overseas to demonstrate the vast business growth opportunities available to you. Designed specifically to support the SME market of the North, join us for the very best in practical and tangible solutions for ensuring your business remains first in consumer's minds and ahead of the competition.

"Spark Innovative Ideas"

Do you want to drive revenue from your ideas, and get workable solutions from people who have lived it?

You might not think that there's a great opportunity to reinvent everyday products, but one young scottish entrepreneur proved that inspiration can sometimes be right under our noses. Find out how a childhood memory went on to sell millions.

"Create Competitive Edge"

If you are spinning more plates than you can handle, find out how to create ones that bounce.

Change Management doesn't have to be painful. As our opening speaker will tell you "The price of admission to being in business these days is the ability to embrace the constantly accelerating pace of change".

"Fuel Growth Opportunities"

Whatever innovation means to you, could you use some help predicting the future?

Typically one size doesn't fit all - learn from our international speaker how to thrive not just survive in a disrupted world.


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