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Reminiscience Ltd. case study
Reminiscience Ltd. case study

Virtual reality specialists Reminiscience Ltd. contacted RTC around a year ago following receiving positive feedback about our services at a business event.

The company specialises in producing and delivering virtual reality experiences for elderly residents in care homes by collecting information from families and care staff which is then developed into tailored 360 videos.


Jack Brinn, Director of Reminiscience said:

“We have a complex product coupled with a complex market. As a company we need to absorb a lot of data from the worlds of technology and research to best understand and illustrate the power of our product to the decision makers in the private and public sector.  

“We needed to employ a university researcher to critically review our data against that of the understood knowledge and draw comparisons and potential forward strategies for the company products. “


Our advisors worked with Jack and the team to generate a range of documents, reports and infographics which demonstrate the value of Reminiscience in relation to the British care sector.

Jack added: “RTC helped us produce academic standard research concerning the nature of the market and how Reminiscience can adapt, innovate and respond to emergent trends.

An extensive literature review and research outputs where also produced for us in the form of reader-friendly and accessible reports.”

Alongside these objectives, reports for various stakeholders were developed to increase the knowledge bases of customers on multiple levels of organisations.  This information is also being used in marketing material.  


“Due to the increased awareness of how our product works we have seen an increase in value per customer.  

“The documentation has also aided our expansion plans as our message is allowed to be spread further. Due to expansion and the increase in business we are recruiting for the north east regions. “

Follow Reminiscience at @reminiscienceVR

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